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Welcome to the Kinney Karate Family!

You’ve started on a path that brings many benefits, including discipline, character, self-defense skills, and fellowship.

We encourage questions so we can work together to maximize your training experience.

We are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Your first class is free. Tuition for recreation center classes is paid monthly to the City of St. Petersburg (talk to an employee at the front desk of your rec center). Tuition for dojo classes is paid through Balance Martial Arts. At first, tuition is the only cost you will have.

Merchandise such as uniforms, t-shirts, safety gear (for sparring), uniform patches, and Arnis sticks can be purchased through your instructor. Get an order form from your instructor (or download it here) and return it to your instructor.

After the first few classes, you’ll want to purchase a uniform. Only Kinney Karate uniforms are allowed in class. On occasions when students are allowed to remove uniform tops during class, Kinney Karate branded t-shirts are the only shirts allowed.

Sparring gear is needed at the rank of Green Belt. Kinney Karate branded safety gear must be worn during sparring training. Students with non-branded safety gear will not be allowed to participate in sparring. Low quality safety gear is a danger to both the student wearing it and the students they are training with.

Instructors will happily assist students with tying their belt properly until they can do it themselves.

Exam attendance is completely dependent on progression, so there is no set time frame for testing. Because this is a self-paced program, students are sent to the exam when they are ready. Exams are held monthly, so you don’t have to feel rushed.

The fee for exams is $35. 

Special events, including our annual Kinney Karate Summer Camp, the Kinney Karate Picnic, Karate Lock-Ins, and Intramural Tournaments, are announced in class and have their own flyers for more information. Speak to any Black Belt about upcoming special events—these events are tons of fun and great training opportunities.

Character education goes hand in hand with the martial arts. Respect, discipline, and honor are critical to success.

Addressing Black Belts by title (Sensei, Master, Grand Master) and first name is customary.

Always treat your instructors and fellow students with respect.

Students are expected to arrive at class on time and prepared to train. This includes being properly dressed and groomed.

Before entering your training space for the first time, wait at the door at attention until acknowledged by your instructor. Stop, think, and bow toward the instructor or class before walking onto the workout floor. 

Bow facing the room any time you enter or exit.  To show respect, bow even if the room is empty. Let an instructor know if you must leave class for a break. Do not leave class without permission of the instructor.

Always bow to any Black Belt when a question is answered or a command is given.

Spectators are expected to remain respectfully quiet during class.

To help your child focus in class, parents are not to engage with their children during class unless absolutely necessary. Let the instructors correct and hold attention. This includes instances where a young student may be upset. Instructors are trained to handle these situations. If there is an emergency, get the attention of the instructor or another Black Belt.

Please do not remove a student from class before it is formally over. If it is absolutely necessary to leave before a class is over, let the instructor know before class starts.