Recreation Center Classes

Soke Michael Kinney founded our school, Kinney Karate, on the simple yet profound idea of working out of local community centers. By partnering with local parks & recreation departments, Soke Kinney built a school that was accessible to almost everyone. Fifty-plus years later, Kinney Karate still has a strong presence in the St. Petersburg recreation centers.

To enroll, just show up at the location that you would like to attend—no need to wait for the beginning of the month. You don’t need a uniform to begin classes. Wear loose fitting pants and a t-shirt. Your first class is free!

Tuition is paid monthly through the recreation center and can be cancelled at any time. Missed classes can be made up–we will always work with you to make sure you get your training.

Recreation Centers

$ 30 /month
1 class per week
$ 50 /month
2 classes per week
Kinney Karate Class Flyer
Class Flyer (click for printable version)
Kinney Karate Health & Safety Poster
Health & Safety Reminders (click for printable version)

Recreation Center Class Schedule

6 pm (T,Th) JW Cate
6 pm (T,Th) Willis S Johns
6 pm (M,W) Gladden Park
7 pm (M,Th) Lake Vista

Any regular Beginner class, PLUS:
8 pm (T,Th) JW Cate
8 pm (T,Th) Willis S Johns

7 pm (T,Th) JW Cate
7 pm (T,Th) Willis S Johns
7 pm (M,W) Gladden Park
7 pm (M,Th) Lake Vista