Fund Raiser

The Soke Kinney Memorial Fund has partnered with Domino’s Pizza to provide a great value while helping support a great cause!
Purchase a “Slice the Price” card from the link provided or from your instructor and you’ll be able to get buy-one-get-one large pizzas until 6/30/24! No limit on uses and only $20! You can order 10 pizzas and get 10 free!
To hit our goal, we need to sell 250 of these fantastic cards. You can help now!
Remember, the Soke Kinney Memorial Fund is dedicated to helping students continue their martial arts journey by stepping in when times are hard to help cover costs like tuition and special events like camp. Soke Kinney always believed that there shouldn’t be financial barriers to training and the Memorial Fund tries to make that true in his name.
Purchase now and share the news!