About Us

We are traditional to the martial arts in our values and progressive in our training.
We teach using contemporary educational methods that are effective.
In our school, we teach refined techniques that stress control, quality and skill.
We focus on each students specific body type, ability and expectations.
We focus on your physical fitness from the perspective of learning.
Kinney Karate is more than a sport – it is an art form.

You will earn your belts.  They will not be given to you.

Kinney Karate was founded on the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.
Our techniques also have a history of Okinawan, Japanese,
and Chinese Martial Arts, using kinetically correct movements.
We were one of the FIRST schools in America to add JiuJitsu and Aikido to the
already effective kicking and punching of Karate.
We were pioneers in early American tournament Karate, before it was commercialized.

In 1980, Modern Arnis (Escrima) was added to the Kinney Karate system.

Our school has a unique and rich martial arts history.

We hope you will take a look and learn more about our school.